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[6 kinds of people are unfavorable the travel that enter Tibet]

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1. all sorts of implement qualitative sex heart disease, heartbeat of wrong or static breath is more than remarkable rhythm of the heart or be equal to 100 times / cent, hypertensive II period above, all sorts of blood disease, cerebral blood-vessel disease.
2. is chronic respiratory system disease, disease of lung of above block sex is spent in.
3. is diabetic did not win control; Hysteria, epileptic, schizophrenia.
4. contracts infection of the cold that weigh disease, the upper respiratory tract now, temperature is in 38 ℃ above or temperature under 38 ℃ but the whole body and respiratory tract symptom are apparent person.
Examine of 5. Ceng Que has sufferred from the highland with apparent heighten of downy lung oedema, downy head oedema, blood pressure hypertensive disease, downy heart disease and disease of grow in quantity of downy red blood cell person.
Pregnant woman of 6. Gao Wei.

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