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Pan Yan needs to prepare what equipment

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The safety that the equipment that Pan Yan moves is the person that climb rock assures, it is more important to equip on the ascend in natural rock wall especially, the following equipment can answer bare-handed Pan Yan. Does Pan Yan need what to equipment prepare?
Climb cliff shoe: A kind of shoe with attrition very great power, sole is smooth balata bottom, without quarter grain, wear rise can save a lot of strength. Have a variety of pattern such as ligament type, slipper type. General better price is controlled in 500 yuan.
Helmet: There can be block to fall down at any time when Pan Yan, be bungled very easily in the head to create life risk, because this helmet is necessary safe equipment. Helmet also can make fall to be decreased to the harm of the head accidentally at the same time the smallest, so must moment also does not leave a head. Because special helmet is more expensive, a lot of people are multi-purpose industrial helmet is replaced. The price of industrial helmet controls in 400 yuan.
Dynamical rope: This must be used, indispensable. The diameter of dynamical rope most at least wants 10 · 5 millimeter, use 11 · commonly of 5 millimeter. The price is 50 meters commonly 800 yuan, 1300 yuan.
Jing Lisheng: Without flexibility, the requirement is some lower than dynamical rope, have protective effect. The price is 50 meters roughly 800 yuan, 1000 yuan.
Safety belt: Sit type, mix by chatelaine namely bind the leg belt in root of two side ham to form. When buying, had better get dressed try, in order to determine proper size. The price controls for 400 yuan roughly.
Drop implement: "8 " word annulus drops implement it is the most general fall implement, it is protector material of Pan Yan.
Advocate lock: Be called by figure ground " big D " , data is very hard, can bear commonly the force of 30 1000 oxen and the brunt of 10 1000 oxen. Basically have join effect, be like join flat belt, Jing Lisheng, join normally " 8 " word annulus, the straining force of amortize person. Advocate the lock needs two at least, every price is controlled in 150 yuan. "8 " word annulus is least, every 150 yuan or so.
Magnesian bag: It is the pouch between the waist, magnesian pink is installed inside, use at sucking sweat to stop to slip. A few bags of medium magnesian pink are wiped when the hand has sweat, not easy slippery hand. The price is in a few yuan.

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