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Drive oneself travel should prepare what equipment

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A lot of people in long holiday are liking to love a car, carry close belt friend, jump in different region what the the whole family savours in the view that change is joyous, family happiness. Drive oneself what equipment should travel prepare?
1, drive oneself travel basically prepares as follows to equip: Cost of card of Id, driver's license, travel, maintain a road and purchase map of royalities of duty, car, course, credit card, insurance premium odd, jotter and pen, also cannot little.
2, a series of reach a car with the car advocate concerned proof material. Swim to giving a province to be driven oneself for these are crucial, of concerned car " lawful proof is to give the premise of travel smoothly, should serious before set out check the number of is clear, the trouble speaks in order to avoid a travel on the road, affect mood of go on a journey. In piece place still should understand to whether need to deal with a pass as early as possible before travel, lest affect journey plan.
3, detailed " road book " . Namely detailed drive oneself plan of face of brigade running hand, also can saying is to drive oneself viatic script. Good road book, should have everyday detailed scheduling, drive course (the) such as characteristic of the site that includes by way of, course of development, road, arrangement of the brief introduction of tourist attraction scene that still had better have by way of, board and lodging.
4, course map. Can not look down upon the action of the map, crucial moment map often is beacon light, go to not quite familiar place especially, precondition map of a piece of latest edition very be necessary, also be very effective.

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