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Healthy living habits - a win-win-type situation Tourism Marketing open he

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- Cum Ouyi Fitness Club and Long Run Group to press conference December 18, 2010, in Block 1, Blue Castle International Centre, 31st Floor, Ou Yi Long Run Group Joint Health Club held a high-end wine business will be. The reception has invited high-level industries and enterprises, president of 100 people. The reception Ouyi LongRun Group fitness club and a successful promotion of a strategic cooperation agreement signed. Ouyi health club chain Fitness Club as a dark horse industry, within the short span of 6 years in the ranks to become the leading fitness industry chain, and integrate a large number of high-end member resources. In order to expand market share in 2011 to consolidate the industry position, positive position. Starting from Europe and also in the health club to start looking for suitable partners. Conducting a large number of assessment and audit, the final fitness club in Europe has to look locked in Long Run Group. Long Run Tea Group is located in Yunnan, the characteristics of the plant kingdom, the achievements of the diversity of its biological resources, Long Run product line of high quality tea, this group born out. Long Run and in the Yunnan Tea Group, with years of accumulation of resources, integration and procurement of high quality tourism services market strategy in 2011 as an important strategic tool. Europe has long run health club and the cooperation of tea for two open channels of cooperation in 2011, a new pattern of heavy launch buy tea that is a gift of Yunnan Tour event - in June 2011 before the purchase value of 980 yuan of the Dragon Floating Tuo Cha Spring Run Music Box, that is the value of gift value of 4,800 yuan in Yunnan 3 6 5 Nights depth tour. The purpose of this cross-border cooperation is to bring new business of economic growth, and both sides benefit from the new alliance. We have reason to believe that this cooperation will bring both the bombing-style effects, and cause great market response. We look forward to its said! The reception in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to achieve deep business people exchange and interaction among, and promote common development, mutual benefit and common profits.