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Zhangjiakou City winter tourism usher in the "good start"

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Reporter learned from Zhangjiakou City Tourism Bureau, the city's winter tourism usher in "good start." November, the city received 831,600 visitors and foreign tourists, up 69.82%; 470 million yuan of tourism revenue, an increase of 73.43%. Zhangjiakou City Tourism Bureau, "rivers, mountains snow Yun Quan Taste" as the city's winter tourism propaganda theme, focusing on advocacy winter skiing, health spa, Wei County of Zhangjiakou in customs and other unique characteristics of tourism projects. Further improve the area through the reception function, improve service quality, to keep the tourists to experience being in the snow-capped "wearing woodlands across a snowy field," the fiery passion; in artistically filled, such as feeling like winter wonderland of hot springs in the warm and romantic; in the historical and cultural city Yuxian enjoy playing style is full of strong local tree flowers, paper cutting and other folk activities Yuxian fully experience the unique charm of Zhangjiakou tourism. Tourism Bureau will further increase investment, and rich tourism products, improve the travel environment, efforts to Zhangjiakou to build a "paradise for winter skiing, tourism and leisure capital" for the city to contribute to building strong city. It is understood that, as of now, the city has received foreign guests this year, 9,548,600 passengers, the number of annual reception 有望 million mark breakthrough in 1000, to achieve a new leap in tourism development in the city.