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Huangshan International Tourism year three long strides

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Huangshan is the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, the World Geological Park, as a world class tourist scenic resources, Huangshan has been committed to creating "international quality tourist attractions." Has the removal of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, the World Geological Park, 梅利娜迈尔 Curry cultural landscape conservation and management of international Honor Award, the World Tourism Destination Management Award and many other world-class title. Huangshan has been set for the Chinese tourism industry, "banner", scenic spots, the "benchmark" World Heritage "paradigm", Huangshan Tourism was identified as well-known trademarks in China, which means the Huangshan Tourism Enterprises of China "brand." This year, the Huangshan Scenic Area in the strong high-quality tourist attractions to promote the construction of an international three long strides, with the three steps. Huangshan join GSTC, which is awarded in May of this year, following Huangshan WTTC Global Tourism Destination Management Award, early October Huangshan Tourism Group formally joined the World Tourism Council (WTTC) and then taken a solid step forward. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the Huangshan Scenic Area and the United States has established sister Yosemite National Park, park, and the development of Taiwan's Ali signed a tourism cooperation agreement, Sinopec and Greece Lesvos Geopark Forest Geopark concluded as a friendly strengthened with the UNESCO, the World Tourism Organization and other international and regional organizations and cooperation. This year, the Huangshan Scenic Area won the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Tourism Destination Management Award, and became a full member of WTTC, while Huangshan has become a global sustainable tourism committee (GSTC) members, by the World Tourism Organization and the World Heritage organizations identified as World Heritage Sites in Huangshan Tourism Development Observatory. Protection and management of Huangshan domestic tourism has not only been fully recognized, but also by UNESCO, the World Heritage Organization, the World Tourism Organization and other international organizations highly. This year, the World Conservation Union (IUCN), senior expert, has served as promote World Heritage Huangshan's Jim? Sancerre revisit 20 years after Dr. Huangshan, Huangshan amazed heritage protection work, and hope to continue to maintain a first-class Huangshan standards. Huangshan Scenic Area every debut on the international stage rally behind all the efforts of Huangshan to pay. To heritage protection, for example, Huangshan Scenic Area in accordance with the "protected class of resources to achieve sustainable use" requirement, in the "World Heritage Convention," under the guidance of the development and implementation of the protection of cultural and natural heritage Huangshan measures: protection and management " Twelve large-scale systems, "initially established, and actively explore the implementation of the old trees protection" of a tree a policy ", the sewage system pipes, alpine fire water network construction, scenic spots and a series of advanced digital management of protection and management measures; perfect outdoor smoking, peripheral defense mechanisms, etc.; strengthening ecological construction and environmental protection, the implementation of the road slope geological hazard and so on. In addition, the Huangshan Scenic Area in the existing heritage protection on the basis of experience, will also use advanced technological means, facilities, equipment and talent and technology to improve the protection and management of science and technology, innovation and the protection measures, and efforts to become the world with the industry norms and standards; development and implementation of World Heritage Sites stations operating mechanism, give full play to brand; with the world famous heritage site exchange and cooperation, the introduction of foreign intelligence, joint protection of Ancient tree, pine wood nematode control, biodiversity sexual, cultural heritage protection of mining problems finishing the study. Huangshan Scenic Area has been to improve service quality as the most important task, the whole mountain of every department, unit, strengthening the spirit of service for each position, and vigorously promote standardization, refinement, character, personalized service, in accordance with international regulations, international practices, standardize all management services, and strive to provide quality services for tourists. To achieve the full docking with the international standards, Huangshan Scenic Area to develop and improve the tourism service standards, in the hotel, cable, transfer centers, visitor centers and other places, establish and improve international standards for the multilingual signs; in accordance with the requirements of international standard setting and Public information graphical symbols, enhanced e-commerce platform, improve the tourism promotion advice and online booking, online trading, online billing system. After years of development, Huangshan Tourism rising popularity and influence, domestic tourism has become the most influential brands in the country's previous selection of tourist attractions and striving activities, has been the list, the award-winning . National Tourism Administration in the "30 years of reform and opening up China's tourism industry development report" in the Huangshan scenic spots as the representative of our quality, highly recognized in the national scenic area of Huangshan in the pole position. Next, Huangshan Scenic area will continue to develop friendly cooperation with foreign relations, and personnel with the establishment of a stable exchange, information exchange, experience sharing mechanism, expand the Huangshan Scenic Area in the world, especially Europe and the United States influence. In addition, the Huangshan Scenic Area will continue to fight to hold important national and international conferences and activities, and gradually make the development platform for long-term fixed. Recalling the "Eleventh Five-Year" and looking forward to "Twelve Five", Huangshan Scenic Area in the conservation, management and service, built according to accepted standards and practices fully aligned with the world's internationally renowned tourist destination, to lead the development of domestic tourism, bid to become the "international quality tourist attractions," a model.