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Heilongjiang: "Braving the Journey" film based winter tourism hot phenomenon

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Into the winter, Heilongjiang Kam River Farm "Chuang Guan Dong" film base area popular, play gold mining site, black girl pub, "Zhu Courtyard" and other attractions to attract hundreds of visitors every day, come here to visit, tour, Dawn of the year grandparents appreciate the difficult process of Kanto. In recent years, Kam River farm to film culture as the support, development of film base with a combination of landscape eco-tourism tourism projects, the concern here. CCTV, the hit TV series "Anying" here to stay but also for valuable Film and television tourism resources, to fill the field blank red Movies and TV culture, but also to become the new tourist highlights. Kam River farm to seize the opportunity, on the TV series "Anying" base of the Chinese People's Volunteers filming the command post, the Korean residential finishing renovations to attract more tourists come to visit and tour.