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Safeguarding rights and interests of tourists travel chaos in the industry tha

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Recently, the Supreme People's Court issued "on the Travel Disputes provisions of law applicable to a number of issues." A new judicial interpretation issued to maintain a full range of legal rights and interests of tourists. Large as the personal safety of tourists, small to travel Who travel with the baggage and documents, passport, security, judicial interpretation of both provisions. This news was published in the paper, it caused concern in the tourism industry of Lanzhou and hot. In their view, this provision of the maintenance of tourists Legitimate rights and interests, and promote standardized operation of tourism enterprises is definitely a good thing, but on the tourism market to cure some abnormal phenomena, have increased market control and supervision, market regulation, and consumer disputes will travel less. Operators must standardize their operations Judicial interpretations, tourism operators to form contracts, notices, bulletins and so on tourists to make unfair and unreasonable requirements, or reduce, waive the responsibility of damage to legitimate rights and interests of tourists, tourists request Determined to be invalid in accordance with relevant provisions, the court should support. Of this provision, Ai-Min Yang, general manager of China Travel Service in Gansu Province yesterday afternoon in an interview that "it is our tourism enterprises raised a Wake up in the future to pay attention, do not think and visitors signed a contract, or informed on the end of the story, and if there are problems in the tourism, visitors can still sue you, the court or the support of tourists. Therefore, the operator must Standardize their operations, do not think fool tourists, we must make it clear to visitors, and let people clearly and simply consumption, not sure can not do something, do not arbitrarily commitment. " In the past, the elderly and some special professional visitors, due to low capacity and rights awareness shopping high and do not want to shop, travel agency in the tour prices an extra charge beyond the cost difference is almost certainly become the line regulation, Lanzhou tour Hang She is no exception. But this judicial interpretation of the tourists for a clear charge difference tourism operators claim the return of fees. Tour operators arrange for refusing to shopping activities, but this project has been paid or otherwise increase Closing costs; in the same tour, the tour operators provide the same services, as tourists age, occupation and other differences, the cost increase, travelers are entitled to recover these costs. By the threshold is not possible to regulate the market Yang always thought that the forced travel shopping, the root cause is still zero or negative fare, from the market is not standardized. Broad terms, the tourism industry is the third industry, employment in the settlement is significant, so the state can not Can improve the access threshold for the industry, to regulate the market by the threshold is not possible, can only increase the market supervision. Over the years, tour operators rapidly increasing market competition. To fight source, competing prices down , So there are zero or even negative fare fare, resulting in the tour price below cost. But companies should be profitable to survive, loss of business, nobody wants to do, so these companies must find ways to lower the cost of this part of the Prices make it up, but also to make money, shopping is become a necessity. In Hong Kong, a number of ground operators to rely on "gambling group" to make money, then a regiment of low-cost or even free of charge, the regiment shopping is good, they make, not shopping Line, they lose the. Consumers to use legal means to protect their interests In Hong Kong before the last national champion to be tour guides Ping Pangqiu forced to do shopping in the country lead to sudden death caused a great shock, in fact, the tourism industry norms in the past, the common thing to force tourists to shop, and some very Poor. Yang told reporters the total to an example, he said one year, a regiment of the Mainland travel in Thailand, and the ground guide to arrange the evening watching pornographic performances, an old aunt not want to go, he was locked in the car to prevent the next guide Vehicles, resulting in incontinence old aunt. Some travel agencies often do not want to use this shopping tourists not to get off, not allowed to enter the room, no air conditioning and other means deliberately making things difficult. Such a thing, if the visitor rights awareness Not high, most will chose to keep silent, not complaints, travel agents will be fine, even if the complaints were made, sometimes very troublesome, and finally nothing. But now, with the highest law of this judicial interpretation, as long as the complaints from tourists, Court support, very clear. Yang always said, the highest law of these, for the standardized operation of tourism enterprises, in fact, many of which are common sense, not many new problems. With this provision only for the co- Reasonable legal basis for protection of legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the more clear. From the community, the tourism business is a vulnerable industry, but compared with the tourists, tourism enterprises is strong, the law will certainly have to protect the weak. " Provides that "wake up consumers to use legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and indirectly also promote the tourism industry, standardized operation, which is also good for tourism enterprises. But at the same time, visitors have a rational consumer, not blind Head pursuit of cheap, bargain, without attention to the qualifications of tourism enterprises and brand. Irrational, blind choice is the reason low prevalence group. If consumers can take a rational consumption, low-cost group is no market, there would be no such Problem.