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Hefei since the first black tourism cracked the case of unannounced visits to

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Qualification is neither a tourist nor business license of the "club" is the way through the recruitment of members doing the tourist thing transported, and in many forums on the site to advertise openly in the face of business and tourism sectors in a joint law enforcement also insisted that "no law." This morning, Hefei Tourism Quality Supervision announced that the form of Hefei, the first club from the illegal business travel by business cases solved, and journalists to make unannounced visits, they noticed that actually this is still illegal agencies of foreign operations. Complaint with the pull-out "Friends of Journey" It is understood, has been able to detect and investigate this illegal organization also due in September this year, Hong Kong and Macao tour, a public complaint. The people who said in the complaint, this called "Friends of travel club" institutions in charge tourists fees received especially for older tourists 300 yuan to 400 yuan per visitor suspected violations of this travel agency operations. After receiving the complaint, investigators immediately instructed to find the operating point is located Yaohai Xiuzhen Building A, 1003, found in the further unannounced visits, it is not a qualification to any tourist and business licenses of illegal travel agencies. The integral calculation of travel offer The investigators found that this "Journey of Friends" club recommended travel routes are not marked on how much money a person but how many points a person, such as Huangshan day tour is 443 points / person, day tour is 370 points Jiuhuashan / person, day tour is 460 Lake Point / person, Xidi Hongcun day tour is 340 points / person, day tour is the Shanghai World Expo 1058 points / person, even the Korean outbound travel business is this scope within the offer is 2,000 points / person. The form of the club's membership is based on the basic conditions for 1,000 yuan, representing points 1000 points, as long as the membership for free visiting Hong Kong and Macao to participate in more such events, will return more relevant points, so the club has played a "journey into the Friends of free travel the world "slogan. In addition, the club also encourages the older members with new members join, and membership of all members of the tourists, the club does not personally organized the trip, but then the members "sold" to other travel agencies. The face of law enforcement insists that "not illegal" "Regulations of the travel agency, business travel business must have a business license, and to protect the interests of consumers, the law must pay a regular tourist travel agency retention money, which was approved to operate in travel to China to provide 20 million for retention money was approved to operate outbound travel agency again to provide 120 million retention money. "Xing Liping, director of Hefei Tourism Quality Supervision introduced, based on unannounced visits to the situation early on Friday afternoon, Hefei Tourism Quality prison with the Hefei Branch of the Joint Trade and Industry Bureau Yaohai this illegal institution of a public survey (see chart). "The survey day, the club posted on the walls with 'Hong Kong-Macau free trip four days and three nights', '1000 Yuan Hong Kong and Macao 四日 your three- night round trip' so seductive advertising, indicating that this is not only illegal in a tourism business institutions, but also suspected of operating zero or negative fare business. "law enforcement officers when the door to face investigation, the club refused to cooperate with the staff, a woman claiming to be responsible also plausibly explained that the business license and other documents are processed, they are not illegal. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers seized the computer of this illegal organization, printers and other equipment. "Trade and Industry Department has asked the agency this afternoon to accept the deal with Trade and Industry Bureau. I would also like to remind the general public, travel, be sure to choose a qualified travel agent, be wary of straying into the trap, a problem difficult to protect their own interests. "Xing Liping said. After being investigated still Bluff This morning, reporters once again arrived at the travel club Xiuzhen unannounced visits to the building and found that this actually has been investigated of the club is still normal operations. 9:00, the reporter knocked on Xiuzhen Building A, Room 1003, gates, after learning that a reporter would like to offer advice when day tour of Huangshan, a staff reporter at once received with enthusiasm. "3 day trip to 380, we CYTS cooked enough, our prices are much lower than CYTS!" The staff put a reporter into her computer, open a domain name http://www .884793.com/index.php site, pointing to the Huangshan Xidi Hongcun day tour for journalists careful analysis of the line up. "We launched the general price for members only, special care of you today, you have to apply, I give you a price by member." When a reporter advice on how to join, how can they when prices are low than other travel agents, who work who eloquently said: "We can join the 1,000 yuan, Hong Kong and Macao to participate in membership you can travel free of charge, as long as you own out of a fare to Shenzhen, if you introduce members, we can give you a return of 360. We membership fees earned primarily, the reason why the tour price is low, because we directly and to access social contact, intermediate links less. our headquarters in Shenzhen, to Hefei time is not long, has a lot of members. " Reporters want to reconsider, the staff handed him a business card immediately enthusiastic, the company's website and also their blog address herself available to reporters. "If you want to contact me at any time enrollment ah." The staff member said. Press through a web search found that this club on the site of the publicity: "The company was established in June 18, 2009, in New York up, based in Shenzhen." Online release of the project investment, which the company claims " who loves to play, wants to raise income people are our market; no competitors, and today has opened more than in March, from zero to the birth of thousands of members in this short period of time to generate. "