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Fall Camp in Heilongjiang province rich in gold fall and winter travel season Ha

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Autumn tourism in our province to undertake a summer heat trend, the area to reproduce the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday hot little scene. Currently, the tourism sector in our province is in full swing to the "five Huashan" fight the Chinese view the fall tour famous tourism brand, active in organizing China Heilongjiang International Skiing Festival the Thirteenth, in the continuation of the summer boom in our province, sizzling on the basis of the fall tourism market smoothly to undertake early winter ski tourism climax.
To further enrich the fall of tourism products, root out the resource potential around the province to enhance the level of the fall tourism products, distinctive "five Huashan" Day Watch, Climbing Festival, Bird Festival, picking, educated youth colorful autumn Festival tourism festivals gradually.

Reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, continue to promote the tourism development zone and the northern landscape key tourist towns, for a time travel top priority. Focus on the good environmental clearance, the relevant characteristics, the quality of relations, introducing and building a number of truly large-scale investment, driving ability, a good overall efficiency of tourism projects, the formation of large projects affecting travel patterns. Vigorously promote the construction of 12 major tourism cities, optimize the built environment, supporting the system through the improvement of urban tourism to create conditions for sustainable development. Harbin Songjiang, wetlands are being vigorously publicity tour, the day tour, night and landscape organically travel along the river combine to create a new image of tourism in Harbin hydrophilic; focus on developing "boundless expanse of wetlands, Songjiang, Barry ecological corridor" tourism brand introduction of white fish bubble, Volga, Sun Island Gold bend, Seven Island Wetland Tourism.

Special Tourism Zone deepening Northland scenery promotional marketing and increase the "Northland scenery, the United States in Heilongjiang" promote the overall image of strength, multi-province travel system will move a series of activities. Provincial Tourism Bureau by China Central Television and other mainstream media play in Heilongjiang tourism image advertising and set in Beijing and other cities and other forms of advertising signs, promotional province ecology, culture, snow, border tourism resources. Will be held in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Yichun "Five Flower Mountain" Pet Festival and winter tourism promotion activities, and docking and outside of tourism enterprises, for the winter tourism market development; held in Yichun forest are "five Huashan" national network of photography contest, promotion through the network Yichun fall trip to expand product awareness. Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau efforts to expand the tourism market development, and further increase the "modern agriculture and tourism, to see the Great Northern Wilderness," "green, all in the Great Northern Wilderness", "Great Northern Wilderness leisure traveling by car" and the Great Northern Wilderness tourism promotion efforts; Canada Great for Northeast Asia (especially Russia), Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and other neighboring countries and the development of regional markets, strengthen inside and outside the district and provincial tourism cooperation, continuously expand the domestic tourism market, improve the visibility of the Great Northern Wilderness Travel.