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Fly wetly elf

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The lake water of one pool azure blue, one looks at never-failing bulrush, a water bird strolls carefreely in lake water, in dimple, its inverted image is rippled the appearance of pumping unit.

bird is kissing wet ground, "Be close to " move nature, it mirrors in the pumping unit appearance on surface, the mark sex symbol that is Daqing oily city, reveal piece " perception " the artistic conception of Daqing.

The prototype of the bird is sandpiper of long foot black wing, for Daqing wet middling sees the bird is planted, its appearance in the label, of just like culture " civil " word. Highlighted " the Cultural Festival " meaning.

"Civil " the water bird of word figure wanders gracefully in wet ground between lake lustre, spindlelegs is roily the lake face like lens ancient bronze mirror, between the dimple since extensive, the inverted image of a pumping unit is followed wave and move, "Civil " word as perfect as water bird figure union, this label adopts the artistic technique that figure unreal changes, unscramble a China racily (Daqing) first wet Cultural Festival " be close to wet ground, feel Daqing " this one theme.

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