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Cultural Festival of first Daqing wet ground is rolled out " 5 big " each is win

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A few days ago, the reporter learns in concerned branch, first China that will kick off on June 18 (Daqing) wet Cultural Festival, will roll out activity of 5 big series piece, and this " 5 big " , each is window.
Advocate push " 5 big " it is to have a good swim respectively Daqing piece, culture square piece, folk-custom amorous feelings piece, green is rural piece, classics trade develops piece.
Window one: Have a good swim Daqing piece
Having a good swim Daqing piece in this canto, basically include culture of opening ceremony, oil to swim, zoology swims wetly, city vogue swims, the activity such as travel forum.
The opening ceremony is to have a good swim Daqing piece in " grand opera " , its wonderful begin, what will pull open wet Cultural Festival is prelusive. So, the success of the opening ceremony is held crucial.
As we have learned, opening ceremony that evening, will hold make one's rounds of musical fireworks evening party, festooned vehicle to swim, large pantomime " the crane cries lake " premiere ceremony.
In addition, "Have a good swim Daqing piece " the wonderful activity of place include still has, native place of iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength swims, section of wet zoology view bird, " wet other people " the life shows a month, " You Daqing of 10 thousand people, lucky fine time " activity, " children month of fine time joy " the activity.
In " have a good swim Daqing piece " in mobile plan, altogether has 25 activities. These activities have distinguishing feature alone, alone attractive.
Window 2: Culture square piece
Culture square piece, it is the 2nd window of wet Cultural Festival. The wonderful content that it covers, you Daqing of absolutely assuming lubricious Yu Chang piece.
Culture of forum of classical eternity, culture, masses, company culture, campus culture is culture square piece " crosshead " .
Here includes activity of 23 series theme. Be like, culture work skill is exhibited, of a mass character is literary show, " wet story " everybody talks.
And broad citizen most the ministry of Daqing museum zoology that anxiously expect is apart house ceremony, also be in culture square piece inside. At the appointed time, new museum will open mystery " veil " , face a citizen to open a shop freely. The citizen still can be inside museum, see exhibition of fossil of wild animal of the Quaternary Period, grand celebration of an important event wet zoology exhibition.
Window 3: Folk-custom amorous feelings piece
Folk-custom amorous feelings piece share 9 series activity. For example, on May 4, hold successfully " spring the first net " fish section, it is in this canto.
In addition, "Folk-custom amorous feelings piece " still comprised culture of series of Mongolia amorous feelings activity, travel series activity, " fishing culture " experience activity, " wet folk-custom village " amorous feelings is revealed, " lotus section " , Zhao Yuan county the 4th " lotus section " .
In this canto, tourist will feel the custom human sympathy that comes from minority, of natural landscape beautiful, the beauty of lotus, lotus is colourful.
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