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Money of 60 thousand be apt to sends work of a person of academic or artistic di

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On May 22, be in center of office of city party card, municipal Party committee of river of civilian alliance peony runs commemoration day " 51 catchword " release a person of academic or artistic distinction of work of 60 years of painting and calligraphy to invite exhibit and activity of raise donations of sale of work of relieve the people in disaster,

City leads Wu Changli, Ning Tiefu, Wang Kaijun, Li Ziqin to enter an activity.

In book art exhibition and spot of sale of work of relieve the people in disaster, leaguer of collectivity of appeal of municipal Party committee of river of civilian alliance peony and all circles personage reach the hand of aid together, display a love to disaster area people. That day, in all money of raise donations be apt to 63 thousand yuan, among them, profit of civilian alliance leaguer, overhead adds up to contribution of individual of chapter of forest of president of industrial limited company 50 thousand yuan. Money of be apt to of raise donations earning will be handed in directly with provincial Party committee of civilian alliance Sichuan, by disaster area of their pass on.

Municipal Party committee of river of civilian alliance peony expresses, will be chance with this activity, accede and develop the admirable tradition that much party cooperates, deepen politics of civilian alliance municipal Party committee to hand over study to teach an activity further, the thought foundation that consolidates much party cooperates. Strengthen oneself construction further, produce civilian alliance advantage adequately, fulfill actively participate in government and political affairs discuss politics function, chase to promote peony river model span type development contributes force.

As we have learned, on April 30, 1948, the Central Committee of Communist Party of China is released " 51 catchword " , put forward to hold a the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, hold water " democratic combination government " political view, answer actively what got each democratic party, the much party collaboration that is Chinese Communist leader and politics negotiate a system to form the great history event that milepost sense has in the process.

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