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WTO report says Chinese economy maintains rapid growth

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World Trade Organization 21 release " Chinese trade policy evaluates a report " point out, two years Chinese free trade and foreign capital policy continued to produce effect in the past, make gross domestic product year all add fast more than 10 % , but a few problems that deserve attention also exist in economic progress.

This report is begin to undertake two years to China in WTO for a time during trade policy is discussed, publish. The report says, persistent commerce liberalizes is the essential component of strategy of reform of Chinese long-term structure all the time, the purpose of this kind of strategy is to build extroversion model " socialist market economy " , grow continuously with making economy maintain, reduce poverty.

The report says, go a few years, gross domestic product of Chinese average per capita also grows ceaselessly, was 1490 dollar 2004, exceeded 2000 dollar 2006. Meanwhile, daily living cost occupies the scale of total population to drop to be controlled to 10 % in the impoverished population under 1 dollar. Gross domestic product of Chinese average per capita grows quickly and impoverished population reduces sufficient proof, the economy that makes free trade and foreign capital policy and macroscopical economy and structural reform union rise grows the strategy to have main value.

The report says, chinese economy is in rapid growth while, also show a few issues. To these problems, chinese government already adopted measure to undertake corrective, the measure that includes to be concerned with trade policy. These measure aim to control export, the country that adds relevant product is supplied, lower the domestic price of these products thereby.

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