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Deep feeling of grief of bureau of qualitative inspect of black river city mourn

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On May 19 14 when 28 minutes, the place of business before door of bureau of qualitative inspect of black river city is serious solemn, hooter is long cry, worker of many 150 cadre wears overall situation outfit is unified, rank neat, cherish the mood of clinking deep feeling of grief, to in Sichuan the brethren stand in silent tribute that plain of short of Wenshui River dies in 12 earthquakes of 5 · 3 minutes. The seismic disaster that this the whole nation astonishs is affecting overall situation the heart of everybody, everybody always is paying close attention to the rescuing job of disaster area. The earthquake has feeling without the lover, global cadre worker answers the call of bureau leading Party group actively, develop our the Chinese nation adequately " one party has pull by hand of difficult all directions " traditional goodness, in succession help sb generously with money, it is contribute money of disaster area people eagerly, the comrade that a lot of is away on official business outerly also makes a telephone call, ask a person for you contribution, display a love. End at present, worker of cadre of collectivity of bureau of qualitative inspect of black river city in all RMB of contribution of Xiang Wenchuan disaster area 20000 yuan.

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