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Black river city starts city building to lay in the project that use the land

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On May 15, new site learns in be located in black river route of the development opposite side and the city town construction that the street central joins meeting section lay in the project that use the land to be started formally, this also indicates shanty town transforms an urban the eastpart part 2 period the project is started formally.

Introduce according to project controller, reserve of city town construction tears open move division to draw near with ground project a Jiang Lu and the street central east paragraph, with adjacent of photograph of institute of new site of black river middle school, black river, the shanty town inside area and circumjacent environment are extremely disharmonious. To improve urban environment, promote a city image, for the city construction offers a reserve to use the land, municipal government is acted on " the people's livelihood is first, it is with the person this " principle, the decision gives to the bungalow inside this area tear open change.

Reserve of construction of town of black river city is covered an area of with ground project 4. 60 thousand much square metre, there is a dweller inside area more than 60, the plan tears open change deadline to be will come on May 15 on August 15. Staff member will " the announcement that tear open change " wait for relevant file to reach tear open change to find a place for plan and building evaluate the price to wait undertook fair show, mix with respect to project case the relevant policy that tear open change undertook be solutioned patiently to person of the change that be torn open.

As we have learned, this project tears open change to find a place for plan is relatively favourable, can choose exchange of building property right, also can ask the money is compensated. In order to finds a place for be torn open the building answering change of change door will be built connecting Jiang Lu net to tell company north side, plan inside year finishing.

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