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Musite produces beautiful carrot of a candle

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Carrot of a candle:
This variety quality is good, nutrition is rich, color is delicious. It is Heilongjiang province place admirable breed, our city each district all has help advance somebody's career. Unripe the way corp is growing of this breed plant is medium, petiolar and longer, thick green, plant is a shape compound leaf, the root is columnar, humeral ministry is a bit round, caudal blunt circle is like the candle, friend name " carrot of a candle " . The flesh pledges the root grows about 16, 18 centimeters, the diameter is controlled 4 centimeters, cortical orange is gules, pith is fine, dan Chen is gules. Disease resistance is stubborn, not heat-resisting, be fond of fat water, be able to bear or endure store up.

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