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Harbin special local product " dragon Jiang Sizhen "

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Include: Bacterium of bazoo of the bear's paw that Heilongjiang place produces, elk, flying dragon, hedgehog hydnum

Bear's paw, also call ursine hoof, it is the rare material that food plants, it is first-rate tonic;

Elk is nose namely the bazoo of elk, elk is a deer kind a kind, only size promotes An Ling to just have, elk nose nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofprotein and iron to pledge, it is advanced cordial;

Flying dragon, hazel grouse of name beautiful end, grouse, it is famous hill precious game, be labelled now 2 class protect the country avian, can raise artificially;

Hedgehog hydnum bacterium is fungus plant, mushroom of renown hedgehog hydnum, because seed bodily form is like hedgehog hydnum to get a name, it is as eponymous as bear's paw, holothurian, fim strange dainty, already began to help advance somebody's career artificially now experiment.

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