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Harbin " hedgehog hydnum "

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Name: Hedgehog hydnum

Introduce: Hedgehog hydnum, belong to fungus vegetable, have " the meat or fish in element " , " plant flesh " wait for good name. Hedgehog hydnum shows white when delicacy, ecru is shown after working, big bigger than the bowl, small if big toe is thick, how long be oak (Mongolia oak) , on the corrupt wood of the broadleaf such as walnut Chinese catalpa and stumpage, also can grow in vivid stumpage get hurt place. After the rainwater that passes Chu Qiu every year, hedgehog hydnum begins to grow come out, often be in at photograph adjacent 22 grow in couples. Autumn is it teem with period.

Hedgehog hydnum is the curiosa in hill, call delicacies of every kind with bear's paw, holothurian, fim 4 names dish. The characteristic is nutrient value tall, flavour is delicious, easy cook, store, the cate with famous since, it is precious medicinal material. Hedgehog hydnum sex makes the same score flavour pleasant, the function of the five internal organs of peptic, benefit, can assist remedial indigestion, gastric ulcer, duodenum to;burst;ulcerate;fester, neurasthenic wait for a disease, and patient of malign to enteron tumour restores health to have quite good effect.

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