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Harbin special local product " 3 beautiful fish "

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Name: 3 beautiful fish

Introduce: 3 beautiful fish, it is fish of fresh water of Heilongjiang province famous product: Namely crucian carp is flower of Bian flower, a huge legendary turtle, beautiful.
A huge legendary turtle is beautiful, fish of formal name mandarin fish, also call sweet-scented osmanthus the fish, its flesh is delicate, delicious able to read aloud fluently, little thorn, weight can amount to 10 jins, it is one of fish of 4 big fresh water.
Bian is beautiful, bian of formal name Changchun. This fish from of old long negative great reputation. Qualitative fertilizer of this kind of cruelly oppress is tender, adipose content is extremely rich, 8% what hold weight about.
Crucian carp is beautiful, (also do " auspicious is beautiful " , take lucky idea) flower of renown crucian carp is ticked off. This fish heats boiling water or steam edible, it is the medicine of the fine that urge breast with puerpera insufficient milk namely.

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