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What person does not suit to enter Tibet

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Does body have the body that enter Tibet why to ask? What person does not suit to enter Tibet? Enter Tibet besides wanting to maintain good state of mind, do not have special requirement to healthy body, the person that serious breath enrages disease of respect of canal, heart, heart and vessels, spirit is unfavorable enter Tibet, accordingly, severe to having high blood pressure, heart disease, () the patient limitation of tracheitis, diabetic, cold enters Tibet. Suggest you make the inspection of heart lungs respect to the body before entering Tibet, affirm whether to suffer from above a few kinds of severe diseases. Additional, do not want to exercise painstakingly before entering Tibet, if you are insisting to take exercise all the time at ordinary times, before going to Tibet half month also should stop, because pass the body after taking exercise, oxygen demand increases, increased to be when Tibet cardiac burden, cause downy reaction easily instead.
Why cannot the cold go Tibet? InTibetHow does the cold do? Cold patient is destroyed as a result of oneself body function, disease-resistant ability is abate, raise the counteractive ability negative charge of oneself again, taking serious cold to turn extremely easily into Tibet for other and downy disease, especially lobar oedema, a kind of particularly dangerous downy disease, not seasonable cure has life risk very easily. Cold patient, the ability after suggesting you cure the cold before set out enters Tibet, do not take cold bacteria to enter Tibet. Catch a cold in Tibet, do not have too great question commonly, because there had been certain adaptability and resistance in highland, the body basically is adjusted came over, seasonable cure can, and, tibetan doctor treats a cold to have experience very much. Take a few patulin, once have cold sign, oneself take drug of a few commonly used colds, symptom of general 1-2 day can disappear.

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