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Drive the preparation before swimming oneself what

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Happen to prevent traffic accident, before the citizen drives a travel oneself, should accomplish " 3 first " , namely first check car, plan first and buy insurance first. Drive the preparation before swimming oneself what?
Above all, piece want before travel first check car. The car that if do not have time to take a car to maintenance shop,detects advocate, can use examination of proper motion of a few methods. Check brake and brake oily status for instance, can look for smooth to step on urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes, look whether brake sideslip; Repeat light switch a few times, see each illume installation effective etc. Additional, new tyre had better be changed before setting out, had better change two hind embryo, lest old " cut " in moving, expand gradually and bring about in high speed become flat.
Next, piece should plan first before travel. Mao Guoyou says, drive go on a journey to be not easy thing oneself, a lot of things that cannot foreknow may produce in viatic road. Car advocate should search an appropriate travel associate on one hand, the car that had better have two above travels together; Want to know the course that masters good journey on the other hand, what place is incidental in knowing way accident. In the meantime, car advocate still ought to book hotel bed ahead of schedule, beware of is deceived because of searching residence temporarily.
The 3rd, piece insurance should be bought first before travel. Mao Guoyou says, if did not buy rush to deal with an emergency of complete car pilfer, can consider to spend 100 yuan to cast keep a month; If was not cast,protect the personnel on the car to harm responsibility danger, can consider to spend 25 yuan to be cast to every seat protect 20 thousand yuan. Additional, car advocate bought insurance insurance coverage is in living ground about, have an accident to prevent an other place cannot claim for compensation, before setting out, should undertake to insurance company " guarantee slip is corrected " , expand insurance coverage the other place.

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