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What to notice adrift

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Multiplying direct current of rubber a light boat and below, day high water is long, sunshine illuminate all things, all sides green hill surrounds, seaborne meantime, exciting, alarmingly dangerous. In busy urbanism, experience what people is searching all the time is life of such Yu Pingfan of a kind of a kind of excited, distinction distinctly. Namely such one kind is experienced, the dump that makes urbanite is, the made one part that makes the living.
AttendSeaborneStill should notice a few item. What to notice adrift? Among them, the respect that the attention answers adrift inside expeditionary sex float and general tourist attraction has very big different, the item that the attention answers in wanting to say float so returns from two respects for:
Will talk about the thing that the attention answers adrift inside general tourist attraction above all, home is relatively much now rubber raft is the float of balsa of seaborne and main bamboo that see, seaborne, still have a few relatively special the dragon boat that like Yellow River Shaanxi, Gansu Province Duan Yang skin raft drifts and near future of brook of Zhejiang weather eye rolls out is waited a moment adrift. Use as seaborne tool is different, the job that wants an attention is different also of course. But having a bit is same, alleged and seaborne, it is to leave apparently not of boiled water. So on your dress work simply, easily as far as possible, but not too thin or color is too light, otherwise in case drop you will be very awkward in water. Shoe had better be choice sandal, sneaker is soggy short time cannot work, the skin on the foot often can be gotten by dip strut. Still have a bit you also should have preparation early, little band is costly on the body but the thing that fears water again, for instance advanced camera. If must be taken, that had better prepare the polybag with an a bit better sealing beforehand, you affirm need its. Place of a lot of tourist attraction float are due nevertheless article cloakroom. What the person that other swims should notice adrift is to should wear good life jacket, this everybody is very clear perhaps, although a lot of people mirror that dress stink of sweat honest too unpleasant, but you are met ground of honor permits no turning back puts on it. A lot of seaborne place water are met very cool, so you can not keep out its glamour, do not want to enter the water casually.
Seaborne to expeditionary sex note that but much, suggest you go seeing England above all of army of royal special type " live manual " , you not only if an outstanding cox, can be in heavy vortical in move back and forth freely, and if where,you learn even field lives, how to select camping site, how to search food to wait.
Seaborne common sense
Seaborne note
1, seaborne period is annual will come in April in October;
2, when setting out, had better carry a clean dress, change in order to have when go ashore, had better carry a pair of plastic slipper at the same time, in order to have aboard is worn;
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