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The characteristic cate of beautiful Mu Si

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Name: Scamper frog leg
Introduce: The ham below chop of will vivid frog gathers up flay, chop goes claw leaves from condyle place chop again, put a basin inside, add alcoholic drink of bit of refined salt, carry on, gourmet powder, water of Chinese prickly ash catchs divide evenly, bittern ten minutes; Edible vegetable oil is put inside spoon, oil is burned to 7, when be being heated up most probably, dip in frog above pink, put ripe fish out of the blast inside oil one by one to accuse clean oily outfit dish can. Dish is tasted outside anxious inside tender, delicious and delicious, nutrition is rich.

Name: Give birth to slices of fish meat with river the Hezhen nationality
Introduce: Food of person of the Hezhen nationality is given priority to with the fish, and the distinctive craft that has cooked food of fish of a cook oneself.
Make a way: 1, live fish flesh is cut below, slice, put in the basin to go up desk.
2, salt, vinegar and chili oil are dipping in to eat, smell is very fresh and tender and nice, it is the good food of go with wine.
Characteristic: Be in hertz sagacious fishing village, commonly used this dish receives a visitor, former juice raw ingredient, countryside feeling is strong.

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