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The cate of beautiful Mu Si

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Name: Hezhedalaha

Introduce: Dalaha is hertz sagacious language, means bakes unripe fish. Local fisherman puts fresh fish in the barbecue on fire, rawness, mix with salt already but edible; If be to be between mensal banquet, criterion practice fastidious, the thick flesh of back of fish of will vivid crucian carp gets off cut filament, immerse with superior rice vinegar, wait for the flesh to become white, mix after juice of take out vinegar garlic powder, caraway paragraph wait for condiment, flavour is fresh and tender tastily, it is the cate on piscine banquet.

Name: Boiled in clear soup boils beautiful fish

Introduce: Clear away the fish that boil a flower clean first, put into chicken broth again, add auxiliary condiment to be thoroughlied cook on fire together, put Gu Yue to face and acetic attune become acerbity hot taste and be fed finally. The color that become dish white, Shang Weixian, flesh is tender delicious.

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