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The meal of beautiful Mu Si introduces

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The fish is not a fish into what the sea cannot say, do not taste the wool that fry a fish not to calculate Home Guo Hezhe. Hertz philosopher is very hospitable. "It plays card " it is the cate on piscine banquet, it gets off the thick flesh of back of fish of vivid crucian carp cut filament, with superior rice vinegar " Buddhist templeput on the brakes " go up, wait for the flesh to become white, mix after juice of take out vinegar garlic powder, caraway paragraph wait for condiment, flavour is fresh and tender tastily.

Still a dish with unique special flavor cries " piscine paring " , the time of Yu Zaigang firm frozen that hertz philosopher makes winter shucks piscine skin, cut dig to become thin thin aspic flesh layer, dip in salt, sauce eats. Eat paring of a fish, drink drink wine, satisfied to extremely. "The wool that fry a fish " be carbonado the fish of fries what feed to broken end approximate dried fish floss have a way.

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