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The characteristic cate of Harbin

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Name: Plain boiled pork of quick-boil of pickled Chinese cabbage
Introduce: Cut ripe pork grow square chip. Bathe of pickled Chinese cabbage, the world becomes filament reoccupy water first one. Water noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch disconnects with the knife (about one feet is long) ; Broth is put inside spoon, water of pickled Chinese cabbage, plain boiled pork, salty caraway, Chinese prickly ash is put after soup is burned; Burn again water noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch is put after waiting for 2 minutes, move to be stewed to small fire again 2, 3 minutes, boil picks float foam, add gourmet powder to give spoon to fill a bowl to be become namely (leek cauliflower or fermented bean curd had better dip in when eating) . Plain boiled pork is fat and not be bored with, food tender boiling water is little, it is dish of northeast and famous soup of the daily life of a family.

Name: The chickling stews dawdle
Introduce: Cut the tender chicken that has slaughtered shiver, put a stockpot, join green at the same time paragraph, the condiment such as Jiang Pian. After soup boil again will bright mushroom (the old mushroom it may not be a bad idea that has sent) abluent put a stockpot, stew ripe can. Stew the dawdle that go out to slip tender loose, gallinaceous piece is know sth thoroughly and goluptious, it is dish of northeast and traditional name.

Name: Boreal Qi phoenix bone
Introduce: Give priority to with fine and soft of gallinaceous gristle, chicken and boreal Qi juice makings cook, with its original gust and detoxify give birth to the characteristic of grow to admire by epicure.

Name: Mother child monkey mushroom
Introduce: Monkey mushroom is fragile tender goluptious, dish tastes lubricious float palm red, grow juice is thick stiff, salty delicacy is delicious, it is the hill precious highest grade of rare.

Name: Dish of big-leaf hydrangea swallow
Introduce: Make fine flesh fine and soft with ripe flesh chop, add gram pink and soya-bean oil, qing Dynasty of Chinese prickly ash, wine, egg makes a round mass of food; bird's nest bubble abluent, lacerate, roll stickup flesh bolus outside, Bao Mi, next rolling Shang Zhong is ironed, immediately is scooped; The flesh that use Qing Dynasty irons juice, add soya-bean oil, rummy each a few, next boiler boil first, go down bolus to boil again, take discrepancy bowl namely, scatter with chopped green onion of wine of any of several hot spice plants, Xianggu mushroom, those who feed is delicious and sweet.

Name: Northeast Dalapi
Introduce: First pull a skin to thoroughly cook, good with cold water bubble; carrot, cucumber abluent cut into shreds, black agaric scald is ripe cut into shreds; Advocate makings put small basin (also can join silk of a few ripe lean lean) , put a few valve to pat broken garlic again, join sauce of sweet vinegar, salt, balm, pepper or bubble hill any of several hot spice plants according to taste, mix divide evenly can.
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