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The characteristic dish of Yi Chun city is recommended

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Name: Cucumber dish
Introduce: Cucumber dish, alias Guangdong dish, dish of brake of formal name pod. Cucumber is sweet contain faint scent of inviting bright cucumber to taste, get a name so. Taste verdure of colour and lustre originally pleasing to the eye, contain rich protein, adipose, carbohydrate, inorganic salt and a variety of vitamins, those who feed is delicate and dainty, fry, Shang Jieyi of bubble, attune, it is one of famous hill potherb. His officinal value is very high, cardinal principle and brake dish are identical, constant deadbeat fitness, and can cure is dazed dazzled, hypertensive wait for disease, it is one of health food of rare.

Name: Day lily
Introduce: Flower of alias day lily, acupuncture needle, tawny day-lily. Day lily nutrition is very rich, delicacy is tasted contain protein, adipose, saccharide, carotene, vitamin, calcic, phosphor, iron, it is famous basic provision. The officinal value of day lily is very high also, it contains a variety of amino acid and Qiu Huo alkaline wait for officinal material, have go wet benefit water, cool blood divides heat, relieve a cough disappear the irritated, effect that opens pectoral wide midriff. Constant edible is medicable oedema, pee is adverse, morbid, icteric, n/med having blood in one's stool, uterine bleeding, breast is painful, should painful wait for disease.

Name: Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings
Introduce: Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, build slippery, power fragile, flavour is bright, for at all times and in all over the world one of famous edible bacterium, sales volume resides the world the 3rd. Nutrition of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings is extremely rich, the health that can promote children grows and intellectual growth, abroad says for " add wisdom stay of proceedings " . Element of plain stay of proceedings is contained in acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, have the remarkable function that fight cancer, often edible can prevent hypertension and remedial liver and disease of ulcer of path of intestines and stomach. So, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings is a kind of very good health food.

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