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The cate of Harbin

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Name: Bedding face is wrapped

Introduce: Bedding face is wrapped, call Dalieba again, a special skill of the Harbin that be called, it is the gust food with distinctive Harbin. Company of Harbin Qiu Lin and the big biscuit that hall of China plum Western-style food produces already had 7, 80 years of histories. This kind of big biscuit is a circle, 5 jins are weighed, it is the coronal of biscuit. Flavour also does not provide scent, have traditional European local color. Give the big biscuit after furnace, cortical anxious fragile, inside flesh is soft, fragrance is distinct, appropriate is deposited, it is old little all the convenient food of appropriate.
Remind: A lot of tourists may be tasted not the Dalieba of Harbin of be used to, because of this kind of biscuit special hard, if your tooth is insufficient good, had better abandon.

Name: Small abdomen of Song Ren of Beijing word card
Introduce: Small abdomen of Song Ren of Beijing word card, it is Harbin the flesh with unique special flavor of in relief building kind goods. Main the faint scent render palatable with Song Ren, the color after incision, aroma 4 excessive, fat and not be bored with. Because use gram starch, it is good to have diaphaneity again consequently, delicate and rich flexibility, section is thin and not broken wait for a characteristic.

Name: Cake of old vessel abundant
Introduce: Cake of old vessel abundant is the old name with famous Harbin, be apart from today oneself have 60 old histories. Among them, you Yiyue cake is most famous, have confluence of exquisite and opening of crisp loose interest, soft, much flavour, sweet smell distinctive, long put not dry wait for a characteristic.

Name: Crisp combine advantage
Introduce: Crisp add up to benefit to belong to biscuit a kind food. This kind of food not only crisp is sweet, delicious and goluptious, and nutrition is rich, digest easily, it is the food of ideal of stomach trouble patient. In addition, because it is hydrous little, deposit aptly, should not be degenerative, it is the food that is away on official business to like to carry with tourist.

Name: Demoli stews live fish
Introduce: Demoli stews a fish to Demoli presses down country of origin and get a name because of its, choose vivid carp or crucian carp fish, assist with the makings such as noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, plain boiled pork, flavour is delicious, cruelly oppress fat tender, do not wake not be bored with, it is northeast one of 4 old course that stew.

Name: Pork stews noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch
Introduce: With the Laoshang that the flesh and bone boil when killing a hog, put explode parched steaky pork and noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch stew the pork noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch that go out, aroma is powerful, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, it is cold hiemal superexcellent cate.
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