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The meal of Harbin introduces

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Come to Harbin, ten million nots allow to miss authentic Russia big eat. In addition, eat bear's paw, taste flying dragon, article " 3 flowers " , eat hedgehog hydnum, use up Pin Shanzhen, taste cate, also be Harbin of to one's heart's content travel indispensable important one annulus.

Characteristic cafeteria: Fu Tailou, north comes hall of Western-style food of suitable, China plum, Changjiang Delta spring, Xigema feeds government office, blessing to become fat Niu Huo boiler city, old be in king of dumpling house, Oriental dumpling, .

Small stick person: Dietary respect has two places to center most: Central ave and road of developing zone Yellow River. Order dishes note: Northward dish deal is enough, when the proposal orders dishes by poll commonly, compare reasonable, 3 people 3 dish, 4 people 4 dish, with this analogize.

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