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The characteristic cate of Yi spring city

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Name: Dish of backbone silk brake

Introduce: Good with boiled water scald fresh brake food, cut pork into filiform next, issue boiler to be fried in all simultaneously plus the condiment such as salt, gourmet powder, should add vinegar to give boiler again particularly. Such but edible. Dish tastes colour and lustre bright-coloured, tender fragile lubricant and nutrition is rich.

Name: Pink clouds drunk hedgehog hydnum

Introduce: After mushroom of will bright hedgehog hydnum uses water quick-boil, boil into chicken broth, basket evaporate is appeared on, put burden to irrigate Gorgon euryale and become; Fizzle out additionally with shrimp shrimp flesh evaporate is ripe, list hedgehog hydnum as pink clouds annulus all round. Dish tastes delicacy sweet crisp tender, the entrance is changed namely,

Name: Brake dish

Introduce: Brake dish, alias bibcock dish, lucky dish, old brake dish. Taste fresh and tender delicacy originally, aftertaste is long, nutrient value is very high. Cauline leaf contains C of carotene, vitamin, protein, adipose, saccharide, organic acid, contain a variety of vitamins, it is to help advance somebody's career commonly a few times vegetable.
Brake dish, still have very high officinal value, have the effect of clear hot detoxify, Zeng Zhian body, constant edible is haemorrhage of medicable hypertension, giddy insomnia, internal injury, chronic the disease such as arthritis, have precautionary effect to hives, flu. Brake dish, with its gust is beautiful, nutrition is rich, hold concurrently again officinal and get domestic and international people, especially the welcome of Japanese people, enjoy " Shanzhen's king " beautiful praise.

Name: Prick tender bud
Introduce: Alias Long Nianmu, magpie does not step, prick old crow, it is arbor of a kind of fallen leaves. Thorn tender bud is contained protein, adipose, still contain element of a variety of candy, organic acid, vitamins, ginseng and inorganic salt, have be good at system powerful body, adjust the effect of dehumidify of nerve, dispel the wind and prolong life, it is Heilongjiang saves some special feeding, medicine holds used hill potherb concurrently, it is the delicate cate of rare.

Name: Monkey leg dish
Introduce: Monkey leg, dish of local name green bine, laver. Monkey leg dish contains all sorts of nutriment, more vegetable than helping advance somebody's career nutrition is rich, its flavour is delicious and distinctive, officinal value and brake dish are similar, it is famous feed, one of officinal hill potherb.

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