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City of beautiful Mu Si the Ewenki nationality basically abstains from

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Person of the Ewenki nationality honour old hospitality, long young between ceremony is strict. Hear elder call to must stand to agree; When having a meal must comity elder; Encounter elder must salute salaam, respect smoke to wait. The guest faces the door, must wait for enthusiasticly.

If Jinghuo of E Wenke's person is magical, drinking, before eating the meat, a meat should be thrown in Xiang Huo first, spill on one cup of wine, just can take food next. When holding spousal, newlywed should respect igneous god. Other contraindication still have must not use the ironware disclose internal heat that takes a tip, must not spill fire with water, dirty thing must not be thrown in Xiang Huo, must not the woman has been crossed from fire, cannot step on fire to wait a moment with the foot.

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