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Beautiful Mu Sihe the folk-custom of sagacious a group of things with common fea

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The fish with distinctive the Hezhen nationality is taken

The Hezhen nationality is given priority to with fishery, have fish not only, and the skin that wear a fish, act the role of fishbone. They often wait for the piscine skin of fish with silver carp, carp, whitefish and salmon, through treatment, make piscine skin soft like cloth, seam the leather fine hair of a few pieces of special treatment next rise, make its look flawless, all the more is beautiful. Additional, they still become go through the mill of fishbone, fish bone baldric matter, these adornment of primitive simplicity, easy, show the aesthetic appeal with an individual nation of northward fishing and hunting and life elegant demeanour.

Small stick person
Boots of skin of the piscine fur clothing with peculiar the Hezhen nationality, fish, the fishbone that use go through the mill and becomes, fish bone serves as body admire, head admire to wait, also be beautiful Mu Si's famous travel souvenir.

Glacial on driving 3 harness an animal to cart

The Hezhen nationality is having him to receive close kind traditionally, spring, summer, autumn is greeted with road of be on fire of colour sail ship close; Winter river water seals aspic, overland route also is ice and snow is enclothed, right now, after person of the Hezhen nationality decorates the snow sledge of dog or Ma La anew, greet close. 3 suit act the role of chic snow sledge, as car of 3 be furious, gallop in glacial on, this affection this scene, develop a school of one's own.

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