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Beautiful Mu Sihe sagacious a group of things with common features is masterly f

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Be over amount to a mountain range outspread in the place with Heilongjiang, Songhua River, confluent the Wusuli River. In endless historical endless flow, innovation goes to provide the Hezhen nationality of characteristic of culture of northward fishing and hunting alone.

"He Zhe " meaning for " downstream " or " Oriental " , show this nation is in Heilongjiang is downstream, the historical fact with aboriginal borderland of our country the eastpart part. For generations lives in the hertz sagacious fisherman with 3 coastal rivers, accompany with water photograph all the year round, make a living with the fish, in difficult fishery manufacturing condition falls, experienced excellent manufacturing technology and skill. Drive a boat to dog, flying fork fishs, Shou Bing waits for the can such as the fish to say tradition of the Hezhen nationality fishs skill a special skill.

Hertz sagacious fisherman is depended on all the year round experience, adopt the form of the aquatic activity of meticulous observation bank and grain of water medium wave, the size that judges a fish well and truly, position, swim to; OK even the basis is ripple urgent delay, round flat, preparation concludes carp, careless root, fat head or Bian are spent wait for different fingerling. Next the different characteristics according to fish, delimit on birch kayak or " post-horse child " boat, draw close stealthily, the underwater in well and truly fork swims crucial point place of the fish, almost 100 fork 100 in.

Make a person cry more absolutely still is to sit " wintry library " forked fish, this is older fish method, the river course that often passes in school is ice, authentic puts an eye on the ice, pallet careless house is put up above, beside " wait for windfalls " , one have fish course, capture immediately, this kind of transcendental skill, your spectator acclaim as the peak of perfection.

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