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Exposition of art of Harbin folk folk-custom

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Annual on June 15 - on June 21, will hold fair of art of Harbin folk folk-custom, in Harbin building artistic museum holds model of relief sculpture of root art, wood, stone, woodcut, carve characters on a seal, paper-cut, hang stick, bronze ware craft, cloth sticks picture, grass to make up willow to make up the communication inside exhibition, course of study, be on sale negotiate etc.

Heilongjiang culture is of long standing and well established, have a character but check person, but go against the river at the Western Zhou Dynasty, and Min of stone implement contented is more ages ago. Chinese, full, unconscious, time, a lot of nation such as Korea, E Lunchun, E Wenke, He Zhe is on blackland ground multiply haunt, accumulated distinctive and rich and generous folk culture, for civilian folk-custom art creation offerred deep soil.

Exposition publicizes municipal Party committee of Harbin of ministry, the Communist Party of China to publicize a combination to sponsor by provincial Party committee of Heilongjiang of the Communist Party of China, union of art of Heilongjiang province literature and union of art of Harbin city literature undertake.

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