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The Xiayinlehui of Harbin

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The Xiayinlehui of Harbin establishs 1958, for nonsked concert, hold the first formally 1961.

All previous concert is held in annual midsummer, every activity is controlled 10 days, successive show more than 20 (ministry) program of large music song and dance. Hold 6 in all to 1966, restored afresh 1979.

The concert holds to the extensive sex of subject matter, the diversification of stylistic, form, style, have solo already, chorally, the integrated concert of solo, concert, have the musical special performance of student of teenager children, youth, worker, farmer again; Have symphonic, operatic, pantomime, melodrama already, also Thespian arena art demonstrates special performance.

90 time, the concert has honored guest of a person of academic or artistic distinction of great musical composition, China and foreign countries to arrive at not only, and masses is participated in extensively, enterprise and culture are allied. Go up to be broken through somewhat in form and content after, increased painting and calligraphy, books, Thespian wait for artistic class and artistic form, present the trend that gives big culture, reflected the artistic demand that masses of Harbin city each estate amuses oneself. 

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