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The folk-custom of people of every nationality of Yi spring city

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Year of northeast common

The Spring Festival is China's most grand festival, have the custom of a lot of old according to legend, with northeast for, exquisite not little.

Old times, all demit are old see the New Year in, the celebration of pray Fu Yingxiang is held in night of the New Year's Eve centrally almost. The family should change new clothes.

Above all family an ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for, cense grasping candle, wide Chen Gong is tasted, grow according to honour low young, xiang Zongqin 3 generation are magical advocate kowtow head, represent big farewell to the outgoing year. Subsequently, hold a dinner, elder people sat on first, junior people all round and sit, take " entire reunion " meaning. Meal fruit is necessary and rich, let a person have contented feeling, have ample food and clothing of adumbrative the coming year, the career is flourishing.

This meal is right of year of dish sample first, can element of meat or fish go up simultaneously. Normally necessary have ancon of flesh of flesh of braise in soy sauce, the hotpot that stew, ground rice, stew in soy sauce, flesh of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, south a round mass of food of decoct a round mass of food, 4 happy event, chicken freezes, the fish freezes, pork freezes, beans bean curd of Chi of sauce, beans, mustard.

Between banquet, old little wish each other, push between brother cup change small cup, enjoy family happiness to the top of one's bent. After the meal, children all over sesame seed straw drop court, the person goes on its, screak, call " walk year old " ; Again will pensile at indoor, outside spring the lamp is nodded simultaneously rise, the New Year picture of beamed 4 walls and spring, indoor, outside a lights is brilliant.

"Desk of heaven and earth " offerring up a sacrifice to fizzle out considerably of paper color print " 3 ground 3 bounds 18 Buddha Zhu Fo " or " 100 " (heaven and earth all God book) , set flat bread, honey is offerred, face delicacy, fruit, Lenten, New Year cake, year the meal is offerings, red candle of word of high spot gold and child midday is sweet, greet in order to express please all gods are nether bless.

To cherish the years that already died, men and women wants all night not Mian, undertake different recreational activities, call " stay up late or all night on New Year's Eve " . Children all through the ages is the amuse oneself that follow a heart, shake diabolo, spinning top, twist be promoted graph, dice, card playing an ox, blow a lantern with paper cut figures of men of person of coloured glaze horn, harmonica, play making fun of a shadow, dot, put " drop drop gold " , "Mouse excrement " , " Huang Yan carries big gun " ... old lady people sit together to fight card, dozen mahjong, hit 10 moustache.

The Zun Yixian in recreation is assorted preserved fruits of fruit, candied, dried fruit, lukewarm plain, fry Chinese flowering crabapple of the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, confiture to wait, the edge eats an edge to play, enjoy to the top of one's bent, till " receive an expression " .
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